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Liezel Korf Associates provides consulting services in the area of research design, data analysis, dissertation assistance, surveys, statistical training, psychometric assessment and language editing. Our research services to organisations include full research projects, or only certain aspects, such as instrument design, sampling, statistical analysis, or reporting. To students and other interested individuals, we offer statistical consultation and training as well as dissertation assistance. For companies looking to appoint or develop employees, we offer psychometric assessments at all levels of the organisation.

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Each institution has its guidelines for research proposals, but there are some common steps you need to take to come up with a research proposal.

Your methodology chapter should be one if the easiest chapters to write up. What follows are a few guidelines of how to structure this chapter. 

A quantitative study will involve at least some form of statistics – from basic descriptive statistics to more complex analyses. The choice of statistical techniques is a very important one and should already be made at the proposal stage.

Language editing ensures optimum readability and clarity of argument in your research output. In this way, you enhance your credibility and your work creates a good first impression.

“Statistics are like bikinis. What it reveals is suggestive but what it conceals is vital.” Aron Leventein

What do my clients say

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