Organisational Surveys

Utilising organisational surveys can provide invaluable information since retaining employees and keeping them engaged and productive is perhaps a manager’s most crucial responsibility. In the same way, knowing customers’ experiences and preferences is critical in delivering the best possible service and products. If your company is, as the saying goes, “drowning in data, yet starved of information”, then it is time for a proper survey and the analysis of its results.

Liezel Korf Associates will assist HR managers, organisational development professionals and training managers in designing a survey to answer crucial questions in the workplace.

The typical process we follow for organisational surveys is:

  • Initial meeting to identify customer needs
  • Development of draft measuring instrument
  • Finalization of measuring instrument together with the client
  • Planning of sampling strategy
  • Execution of research (questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, etc.)
  • Data capturing
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing
  • Presentation of results

We have experience in developing surveys for:

  • Staff retention, which addresses the high turnover of staff, disgruntled staff, and possible labour action
  • Culture or climate studies, looking at low productivity, unhappy staff, and staff not living out the values of the company
  • Safety surveys that study safety incidents, loss of life, and how this can be prevented
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (internal and external) that investigate the perceptions of customers, why internal departments do not work together well and surveys of customer needs before a new product is launched
  • Skills analysis and audits that analyse training needs, skills gaps in the organization and training programmes that the company should invest in

We have been involved, together with research partners, in various surveys for the South African Post Office, Transnet, Southern Sun, Anglo-Platinum, Lonmin and Samancor Ferrochrome.

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