Statistical Dissertation Consultation

Dr Liezel Korf Associates

Dissertation statistics often create anxiety for Masters, Doctoral, and MBA students.

Even though your dissertation is about a topic that you should feel comfortable with, it often involves statistical analyses with which you are not. This causes unnecessary tension. The sooner you involve a statistical consultant in the research, the easier the process. Dr Liezel Korf Associates has advised more than 1000 students on their masters or doctoral dissertations.

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We advise students on the proposal, the design of the measuring instrument and/or questionnaire, and the sampling design. We also perform the statistical analysis and assists with the structuring of the methodology and results chapter and the interpretation of results. Referrals are available on request.

Additional services include data capturing on request.

Students must know from the beginning which analyses need to be performed to answer their research questions. Failure to have a statistical analysis planned right from the outset may have serious consequences for analysis later on in the study.

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